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Coast Vancouver Security Group

Customized Services

Coast Vancouver Security offers customized services to all clients. This means, you have 100% control of what things need to be done on your site. For example, your site does not need security, but you need someone to turn on the heaters and lights before everyone comes in to work. We can help with that. Coast Vancouver Security works with you and your staff to ensure you get the best quality services for the most affordable rates. For further information, please contact us to speak with a sales representitive.

Examples of some customized services we do

  • Current Client Examples
    - Client needs a safety sweep of site before staff arrives to work.
    - Client requires certain doors to be locked/unlocked at certain times.
    - Client wants random spot checks done on employees.
    - Client requires that all parked vehicles on property have proper parking passes.
    - Client wants quality control by hiring us as mystery shoppers.
    - Client wants keys to be picked up and dropped off from cleaners.